OK, I’m trying to put tomorrow night’s rare Austin visit by Cleveland’s Cobra Verde into some kind of perspective for you :
a) it’s a big enough deal that I unloaded my tickets to see Black Sabbath for the final time – FUCK BLACK SABBATH, THEY’RE NO COBRA VERDE

b) when you add up John Petkovic’s vast cultural contributions — from Death Of Samantha to Cobra Verde to Sweet Apple to journalism to storytelling — his importance to the region rivals that of LeBron James (ok, that’s a bit much — would you settle for J.R. Smith?)

c) Richard Lynn — a man as magnanimous as he is dedicated, could otherwise reenact the front cover of ‘Be Here Now’, but instead chose to put Cobra Verde on an airplane in order to enrich our lives during deeply troubled times.

d) the rest of the bill’s pretty alright, too.