In discussing MNF being saddled with the not-so-glammy Raiders/Seahawks pairing, compared to say, Colts/Pats on NBC’s “Football Night In Americaville” (or next week’s Giants/Bears showdown), ESPN Radio’s Colin Cowherd made a rare interesting observation (for him, anyway) this morning.

Could the NFL’s giving such preferential treatment to the Peacock Network be in any way related to lingering resentment over ESPN’s long since cancelled “Playmakers”? Cowherd seems to think so. Perhaps we can look forward to the Tampa Bay Devil Rays as fixtures on “Sunday Night Baseball” after the Worldwide Leader’s “The Bronx Is Burning” mini-series concludes. It’s a longshot considering how few national broadcast partners MLB has compared to the NFL, but a fun thought just the same.

Colin’s a frequent subject of ridicule at CSTB, so I’m pleased to hear he’s troubled by a large company pulling such power moves (at the expense of their audience) in order to discourage criticism. And with that in mind, I won’t hold my breath waiting for appearances by John Feinstein on Cowherd’s show this college basketball season.