Of the far-fetched notion the Angels would consider dumping Josh Hamilton onto the AL West rivals that experienced the troubled outfielder’s greatest successes, the Dallas Morning News’ Tim Colishaw writes, “he would at least provide entertainment,”, which is a nice way of saying his misfortunes would provide meaty subject matter for Colishaw before Cowboys training camp.

For Hamilton, it would provide a kick-start to the final chapter of his major league career. You think he can’t handle an apology for his remarks about this being a football town? You think he hasn’t dragged himself into and out of holes a hell of a lot worse in his life?

Hamilton still has the house here. He has a ballpark that conjures the finest memories of his career here. Even in 2012, when fans booed him during the one-game playoff with Baltimore after he had sat and slumped his way through September, Hamilton was fifth in the A.L. MVP voting.

He would consider a trade to Texas, literally, a gift from God.

Would you trade Choo straight up for Hamilton, no strings attached? Choo is owed $116 million from now through 2020. The Rangers would save $33 million in the long run. The Angels would get three years from Choo after Hamilton’s contract has expired.