Actually, the community leader in this instance is yours truly. I’m representing the community of those who were thoroughly unimpressed with New Era’s questionable decision to flog Yankee caps featuring prominent gang motifs.  So America’s most beloved peddler of baseball caps (with designs that’ll be obsolete in 15 minutes) wants to exploit genuine gangsterism and cash in on teen anxiety.  Why should the recording industry have all the fun?

However, when New Era markets to impressionable kids with styles like the one shown above, I think we can all agree the very fabric of our free society is crumbling. I’m too lazy to organize a protest march, but I’m not too tired to try and get my name in the newspaper. Sometime between lunch and dinner, I intend to come up with a name for my new pressure group, and I sincerely hope I can count on your support, if not paypal donations.