By virtue of Wednesday fit of pique, you’re now perfectly free to join me at tonight’s Toros game!  From Newsday’s Alan Hahn :

The NBA just announced that Zach Randolph will be suspended for tonight’s game against the Spurs here in San Antonio for throwing his headband at a referee during Wednesday’s loss to the Sacramento Kings

Randolph was ejected from the game with 1:47 left in the third quarter after he was whistled for a foul. He pulled off his headband and tossed it, which is a technical foul. Though it didn’t appear Randolph aimed for referee Tony Brothers, it apparently hit him — though it appeared to fall short — and that led to the ejection. But it wasn’t Brothers who tossed Randolph. It was another official, Mark Wunderlich, who saw the tossed headband and made the call.

Stu Jackson, the NBA executive vice president of basketball operations, reviewed the play and determined it was an offense worth a one-game ban.

This morning after the Knicks shoot-around, Randolph said he was just frustrated. When asked what had him frustrated, Randolph replied, “Everything. The way it was going, frustrating fouls. Losing.

Though I’m not sure I agree with Henry Abbott‘s claim the above tune is “the best (anti-Isiah Thomas song) so far”, but I’ll give Ryan Parker this much : he’s probably getting more YouTube action today than Steve Forbert.