From’s Marty Noble :

The Mets’ tribute to Mike Piazza on Aug. 8 moved equipment manger Charlie Samuels to tears, and his tearful expression that night has been captured in a photo which Billy Wagner has had printed on T-shirts. The backs of the shirts feature the “Top 10 reasons Charlie is crying.”

The highlights:

10: Krispy Kreme closed on Long Island.

7: No more Mike Piazza tips.

6: Saw [Mets public relations director] Jay Horwitz naked.

4: Tony Carullo [visiting clubhouse manager] hand-me-downs are too tight.

3. He’s living proof Dr. Atkins didn’t know what he was talking about.

2. Got divorce and public relations advice from Lo Duca.

1. Ten pounds away from Mr. Piazza taking Lexus back.