There’s a chance this wasn’t Roger Clemens’ favorite portion of Monday’s Houston Chronicle, as penned by Jose De Jesus Ortiz.

Former Astros closer Billy Wagner is ready to give Mets general manager Omar Minaya scouting reports as the National League East leaders pursue a trade for Roy Oswalt (above). Wagner also has assured Minaya that he could help straighten out slumping closer Brad Lidge.œI told Omar, just put (Lidge) out there with me, Wagner, the Mets’ closer, said via phone Monday morning. œI™ll get him straightened out.

œWhat would it mean if we got Roy Oswalt? Wagner said. œIt would be called championship. Put it on the board. I don™t even think Omar would have to ask me about Roy. If he asked me about Roy, I™d tell him, ˜He™s a gamer, goes out there, takes the ball and is ready to play to win.™ That™s what I™d tell him. It™s all about pitching. It™s all about pitching.

The Tigers have picked up the left handed power hitter
they coveted today, trading minor league RHP Brian Rogers to Pittsburgh in exchange for Sean Casey. Detroit optioned Chris Shelton to Toledo — so much for that hot April. Philadelphia’s fire sale continued, as Pat Gillick sent lefty Real Cormier to Cincinnati for onetime Padres prospect, right-hander Justin Germano (above).

Pop culture maven Roch Kubatko, not content with referrencing “The Jetsons”, says of the speculation surrounding Miguel Tejada,

Forget the Rangers and their Hank Blalock proposal. The Dodgers are fixated on Alfonso Soriano, not Tejada. It hasn’t been confirmed that the Angels added local product Nick Adenhart to their package, but the Orioles would have bitten by now if they liked what was put in front of them.

If Texas was willing to part with Mark Teixeira, a deal would be completed. But what’s the rush? People close to Teixeira know he wants to play here once he becomes a free agent (and that isn’t after the 2006 season. I swear.)

Anyone still believe Tejada is leaving Baltimore?

If the Orioles wanted to deal with the Dodgers, they could have traded Melvin Mora, the player Los Angeles really coveted before he signed his extension. Like many teams, they’re sniffing around Daniel Cabrera, hoping that the Orioles lose patience and make him available.