He’s enough to make you miss Tony Kornheiser. ESPN’s Colin Cowherd, along with admitting an attraction to Courtney Love (thanks for that), spent a good part of this morning’s show blasting the Raiders’ acquisition of Randy Moss. As Cowherd correctly pointed out, Oakland has no running game to speak of and their defense is pourous, so perhaps adding an elite wide receiver was not their most pressing need.

However, Cowherd (above) went a little further, accusing the Raiders of pandering to their misfit image by bringing in the “dysfunctional” Moss, and suggested that trade was more about Raider mystique and less about winning football games.

If Oakland win 7 games in 2005, I’ll be shocked. But Moss caught 110 passes last season. To suggest he has nothing of substance to offer a bad, old football team isn’t mere exaggeration, its a smear.