Even Kobe and KG were getting dizzy following this story, explained by the Chicago Sun-Times’ Joe Cowley.

The Boston Red Sox, who had jumped out as the clear favorite to acquire White Sox left-hander Mark Buehrle during the weekend, have pulled out of the sweepstakes, according to one source. And not because the asking price of top minor-league prospects was too high or because they no longer coveted Buehrle’s services, but because Buehrle is no longer on the trading block for the time being.

The Sun-Times has learned that a change of heart in both the Buehrle and White Sox camps during the last 48 hours has led to talks about the sides somehow getting together and agreeing on a contract extension by the end of the week.

That sentiment also was expressed by one Sox player, who said the ”climate” was right for Buehrle to sign an extension in the next few weeks.

If Williams can move Jose Contreras or JavierVazquez, along with Dye and Iguchi, and lock up Buehrle, he would be left with players he now considers ”the core,” changing on the fly during this disappointing season.

It also would leave him with a 2008 rotation that has Buehrle and Jon Garland in the top two spots, followed by rookie John Danks and Vazquez, if he survives the housecleaning.

The Sox think enough of Gavin Floyd, Nick Masset and Gio Gonzalez to let those three battle it out for the final spot or two.

The following are chilling words for anyone who cares about baseball in Phoenix, as penned by the Arizona Republic’s Dan Bickely ;

As good as the Diamondbacks have been, Eric Byrnes is the only position player that remotely doubles as a drawing card.”

Victimized by a 10th inning Tony Abreu HR in last night’s 6-5 loss to the Dodgers, the Snakes might as well lobby for contraction if the local pundits are championing Byrnes (above)  as the face of the franchise.