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Not content with tapping into the MILF craze or butchering the Kinks’ “Better Days” in the recent remake of “The Manchurian Candidate”, duller-than-dishwater rockers Fountains Of Wayne have entered the pop culture pantheon once again, courtesy of the NFL Network writes the NY Times’ David Carr.

The 13-month-old cable channel was created by the league to broadcast all football, all the time, including historical footage from NFL Films. If Fountains of Wayne seems like an unusual choice for the network, it is perhaps because the NFL has tended to favor the beer-and-barbecue stylings of Hank Williams Jr. over those of alternative rock. In the commercial, as the band sings, “The young quarterback, waits for the snap, when suddenly it all begins to make sense: He’s got all kinds of time,” gorgeous slow-motion photography is shown of Johnny Unitas, Fran Tarkenton, Troy Aikman, Joe Montana and Brett Favre roaming unfettered in the pocket.

Judy Fearing, the NFL Network’s senior vice president for consumer marketing, said she first heard the song nine months ago and was struck by the cinematic narrative. “When I heard the song, it was almost as if they wrote it with NFL Films in mind,” she said.

That happens to be the case. “I always had NFL Films in my head when I was writing the song,” said Adam Schlesinger, bassist and song writer for Fountains of Wayne. “The slow-motion effect is really key. I wanted to take this sports cliché literally and see if I could take those few seconds in the mind of a quarterback when he drops back, and make them last for the length of the song.”