While most halfway conscious pro hoops fans are focused at present on the Spurs’ visit to Boston (14 points at the half from Shearwater fan Matt Bonner) my attention is still drawn to the Celtics’ successful Friday night visit to The World’s Most Dysfunctional Arena.

The Knicks completed the week’s task of playing the part of the Washington Generals to Kobe, LeBron and The Truth with a 110-100 loss to Boston.   I hate to come up with lame excuses for a defeat to the defending champs, but good fucking luck if Chris Duhon and Al Harrington think they can count on the MSG crowd as their 6th man.  As evidenced by the photographs below, if Garden patrons are allowed to change allegiences mid-game, there’s really no such thing as a home court advantage.

OK, I admit there’s something unseemly about picking on a small child. But enough about Nate Robinson, what’s up with this kid sitting next to the tunnel?