Nice going, “Jonathan”.  Way to provide no. 24 with fantastic bulletin board material. (link swiped from Ball Don’t Lie)

it’s a tough situation…
you’ve got tickets to tonight’s knicks-lakers game
and you just realized you can’t make it.

you’d love to sell the tickets to someone,
but how will you know that they will boo the hell
out of that ass-rapist every time he touches the ball?

for all you know,
you might be selling to an actual lakers fan-
not what our knicks need right now,
when things are just starting to turn around.

well if you give em to me,
you know what you’re getting.
i still get chills when i see ‘the dunk’,
i’ve read rockin steady 4 times,
and i still hate houston for ’94.

i hate whitney houston!
i hate allen houston!
i hate houston street!

charles oakley is my favorite knick of all time
and i’m starting to see a little oakley
in our man david lee.
it’s exciting.

so if you’ve got
2 extra tix,
drop me an email and i will scoot
to wherever you are in manhattan
on a black vespa named stan
to pick em up,
and i’ll bring you some homemade lentil soup
and a bottle of wine.