The Toronto Maple Leafs and NHL’s willingness to lend their names and logos to the production of the upcoming film “Breakfast With Scot” was mentioned in this space Saturday ; the movie was described by the producers as “a thoughtful comedy, about a gay ex-Leaf and his partner, the team™s lawyer, whose lifestyle and relationship are turned upside down when they become the guardians of ‘a budding queen of an 11-year-old boy.'”

Slam Sports’ David Unkle consults Columbus’ Anson Carter (above), as well as a retired player who curiously, prefered not to reveal his identity (link courtesy Jason Cohen)
When asked about whether the use of the Leafs’ logo in a film of questionable content was appropriate, Carter commented, œThat™s a tough call.

œYou™re talking about a lifestyle”homosexuality and heterosexuality”it™s a choice…but people are people from my personal standpoint.

œWe have 700 players (in the NHL) and if we have one gay player in the league, I wouldn™t be that surprised.”

Carter went on to say that it wouldn™t bother him if a teammate was openly homosexual, œas long as you™re a good teammate and a good person…that™s all that matters to me.

At least one former NHL player (who preferred to remain anonymous) commented that the film œtarnished the sacred icon of Canada and the Maple Leafs™ organisation.

œWhat do you expect when you have a former basketball guy running the league, the player stated, in reference to Commissioner Gary Bettman’s previous tenure in the National Basketball Association.

At the risk of regurgitating an earlier point, indeed, it would be very, very sad if anything was done to tarnish the Maple Leafs’ good name.