(attn : ink stained wretches.  When you’re had enough of trying to do more with less, give this man a call)

OK, perhaps I’m getting a little ahead of myself on this one. But after Rob Warmowski forwarded me the following want ad from the Chicago Craigslist, I was merely putting two and two together :

American Sports Blogger (Experience Required) (USA)

Reply to: hiresbb@gmail.com
Date: 2008-08-26, 11:15AM CDT

SbB, LLC is an online publishing company looking for experienced sportswriters who have significant experience working with Word Press blogging software. Extensive photo editing skills are also required, as is a basic knowledge of HTML.

Writers must have ability to SELF-EDIT posts, work in a team environment and work under very short deadlines. SUPERIOR sports knowledge is also a must.

Primary opportunities are weekdays and weekends between 8a-10pm ET, but hours and days may vary depending on proficiency of writer.

If hired, work will be published on the website http://sportsbybrooks.com. Take time to explore the site to see if your writing style adheres to the website’s format.

In response, please send links to current online work. Writers with live, current blog websites or published works on live sites of any kind are much preferred. If no work is live online, attach sample posts from past work to response.

Sample posts in the format of http://sportsbybrooks.com are also welcome.

Any response that does not meet the above requirements will be bypassed.

Location: USA
Compensation: $10 Per Post
Telecommuting is ok.

OK, repeat after me, $10 a post? Has anyone told John McCain about this?  How can anyone insist the American economy is going down the toilet when Sports By Brooks is paying contributors more per post than CSTB earns in ad revenues per day?  Never let it be said America isn’t the land of opportunity.