From my perspective, there’s not much to like about Phil Jackson, other than how convenient he is as an example of trans-generational douchery. Revered as some sort of philosopher king by some people — though probably not by Kwame Brown — Jackson seems to me a transcendently nightmarish human being: an amalgam of half-baked, pick-n-choose ’60s-’70s new age pseudo-spiritualism and old-fashioned ’80s avarice, all topped off with some very ’90s lower-lip facial hair.

This several-years-old video of Phil and perma-girlfriend Jeannie Buss — spray-tan afficionado and foxy daughter of Lakers owner Jerry; also the woman for whom this douchebag Siddartha ditched his wife of 25 years and daughter back in 2001 — on National Geographic’s “The Dog Whisperer” has been making the rounds today, usually accompanied by commentary that Phil is in some way undignified for sitting idly by while the bubbly, Buss learns from dog whisperer Cesar Millan how to “establish dominance” over her ridiculous-looking dog, “Princess Cujo.” I don’t know that it’s any less dignifying than pretty much everything else he’s done since coming to LA, but…well, I don’t know. Maybe a little bit.