(from left to right : advertising sales manager, publisher emeritus)

On this special day, when so many of you are spending quality time with loved ones…I wish you the best of luck in finding ways to avoid them, particular if you are looking for a television set. As of this writing, Kobe Bryant is riding the pine in Miami, and looks very much like he’d rather be spending the day with Stan Van Gundy’s family.

Later today, The doubleheader of the Eagles/Cowboys, Jets/Fins should go some ways towards clearing up the playoff picture in the respective conferences, and I remain confident the rest of the USA will simply fall in love with 16 year old Eric Mangini once Gang Green make a deep run into the playoffs. Mangini has nearly 3 facial expressions and not since the youthful Hooded Casanova assumed the position of Browns head coach has the national media contended with such an effervescent orator.