….comes from the Associated Press via Golf’s Daily Slice :

The score after Day 2 of the Solheim Cup: œChokin™ Dogs 6 1/2 , Europeans 5 1/2 .

On a miserable, windblown Saturday in which only half the matches were completed, it was a œchoke comment from former American player Dottie Pepper (above) that made as big a splash as anything her one-time teammates did.

The Americans led 6 1/2 to 5 1/2 , but after they let two victories in the morning matches slip away and settled for ties, Pepper, now an analyst for The Golf Channel, uttered œChokin™ freakin™ dogs on the air, thinking the network had already gone to commercial.

It hadn™t, and though that telecast was seen only in America, word spread quickly to Sweden. Suddenly, the lightning rod of a player whose likeness was once fashioned into a punching bag by the Europeans at the Solheim Cup was serving up material that could rile her own former team.

œI™m too involved with the Solheim Cup to worry about it, American Captain Betsy King said. œAfterward, I™d be happy to comment about it.

But many American players were said to be miffed by the comments, and European Captain Helen Alfredsson wasn™t pleased, either.

œI think it™s totally inappropriate, no matter what, she said. œWe™re all together in this. At the end of the day, it™s all for women™s golf, and she, if anybody, should know how tough things are.

I’m just curious if Pepper was accurately quoted.  Surely she really said “fucking freakin’ dogs”?