Two words GC, Chuck, Dave, Ben and myself presumably can all agree on until Wednesday: Go Reds!

Milwaukee blew a 4-2 lead in the ninth at home tonight, and if you are a Mets fan who is bummed out about Billy Wagner, perhaps the words “Milwaukee closer Salamon Torres” might make you feel better, even if he’s had a solid season (and if not, there’s always the words “Guillermo Mota”).

The Phillies have four with the Brewers starting Thursday, now with the NL wild card very much in play. That’s not to say that I’m conceding the division; either way I’d like to see the Mets and Phils both make it in. And given their six against their Brewers and their four against the Mets, go Cubs!, as well.

Update: Pretty amusing sidebar from the Inky’s Kate Fagan on Phillies hero Jayson Werth:

Even after the lineup was announced over the stadium loudspeakers, Werth, who was penciled in at left field for the slumping Pat Burrell, jogged to right.

As Werth prepared to warm up, the fans in the right-field bleachers began pointing and screaming, “You’re in left field! You’re in left field!”

Werth looked puzzled. Finally, after centerfielder Shane Victorino flagged him down, Werth realized his mistake and jogged to the worn-out patch of grass across from his own. Matt Stairs started in right.