(the youthful O’Brien, just glad he’s doing something these days that no one pays attention to)

Don’t know your Steve Cherundolo from your Kevin Prince-Boateng?  Ready to dive headfirst into a sporting event of slightly greater global import than the Calder Cup Finals? This is the competition for you!  In the rich history of David Roth’s annual March CSTBracket you’re invited to take on this blog’s contributors and readers in a death-match to determine who can most accurately predict the results of The Big Football Tourney Taking Place In South Africa That Yahoo Cannot Mention By Name ™. Deadline for entries is 5 minutes before South Africa v. Mexico kicks off Friday morning (9:30 am eastern), and the winner will receive all sorts of accolades in this space, along with (possibly) a copy of a vintage soccer videogame title, depending on whether or not I have time to look that shit up on eBay a month from now.   Let’s Go Algeria!

Yahoo Sports World Soccer 2010 – CSTB’s Salute To Dave O’Brien