Writes Ben Schwartz,

Here’s SLATE’s coverage of yesterday’s Sox home opener, which apparently was not marred at all by atypical Boston fan Jimmy Fallon’s FEVER PITCH. ESPN said Bill Buckner got a big round of we-forgive-you applause when his name appeared on the screen, so Cardinal Law moves into the #1 spot as the Most Hated man in Boston.

That John Henry, Tom Werner and Larry Lucchino (currently moonlighting in a rather salacious Cialias commercial that no one has mentioned) couldn’t come up with a ring for Mr. Butch just shows how short memories are around Kenmore Square these days. Who do they think inspired Manny’s hairstyle?

(Red Sox partner Lucchino stops to consider the greatest miracle in Boston sports history ; that a package shipped via DHL actually made it to its destination on time. On the right, Tom Werner, wishing Larry would stop daydreaming and help with the heavy box.)