Perhaps Jim Hendry also should give his check-writing hand a rest. It’s hardly coincidental Hendry ended up in the hospital with heart trouble after Ted Lilly “ he of the 59-58 career record “ agreed to his four-year, $40 million contract.

From the Chicago Tribune:

The Cubs introduced Lilly at Wrigley Field on Friday while announcing the signing of pinch-hitter Daryle Ward to a one-year, $1 million deal. Hendry also confirmed a Tribune report the Cubs will hire an assistant general manager, and expects an announcement before the end of the year. The decision had nothing to do with his heart problem, according to Hendry, who said interim President John McDonough suggested it when he took over in October.

“John would like me to finish up what I have to do and take a little time off before spring training, but there’s nothing to the [notion] that I have to do my work any differently,” Hendry said.

“I just need to get in better shape and do more exercise. ¦”

How much time on the treadmill will it take to work off the reality of that three-year, $21 million deal for Jason Marquis (56-52)?