Though I’d love to claim Albert Pujols’ rapid recovery had something to do with it, this has more to do with replacing the invaluable Tony Womack in the Cubbies’ lineup.  From the AP’s Luke Meredith :

Derrek Lee will be back with the Chicago Cubs for Sunday’s game at Minnesota after just one minor league rehab appearance.

The move to activate Lee from the disabled list will come one day sooner than expected, as injuries to Tony Womack and Freddy Bynum during Saturday night’s 3-0 loss to Minnesota forced Chicago’s hand.

Lee went 1-for-4 and with an RBI single Saturday night in a rehab start for Triple-A Iowa.

The Omaha Royals beat Iowa 10-4.

There’s no sensitivity training required for Mets fans this evening ; the Blue Jays’ Vernon Wells (above, right) clobbered a pair of HR’s in Toronto’s 7-4 win over New York earlier today, and as a result, we’re all crying like, well, very sensitive people.  I know I am.  David Pinto of Baseball Musings says of Wells,

He  must drive fantasy players crazy. At age 24, he had a superb season, putting up high batting averages and power number, and a decent OBA. When a player performs like that as he enters his peak years, the skies the limit. I’m sure he was picked high in a few fantasy drafts going into the 2004 season. But he declined. At age 26, he declined again. So he’s 27 in 2006 with his stats going the wrong way for his age and I bet a large number of fantasy owners passed him over. How many of you picked up Vernon in the late rounds? You must really be happy.

Some of us in NL-only leagues, however, are ready to make like R. Budd Dwyer.  Thanks for nothing, David.