(photo by Journal Sentinel Photographer Benni Sieu, swiped from Sportsbubbler)

Just like Babe Ruth, another portly slugger who pointed to the Wrigley ivy with a promise of homering for a terminally ill patient, Prince Fielder made good on this gesture Tuesday (pictured) to reduce Milwaukee’s elimination number to 1. In this case, said sickly patient is his own club.  Fielder offered a pair of futile HRs in the their 5-4 loss Tuesday, capped by this moment.  Rumor has it Cub fans, the friendliest in the nation, chanted “Ce-cil,” his estranged father’s name, following a Fielder strike out that ended the game. Fielder then had his Babe Ruth moment, thanking fans for remembering his dad (who is not betting on the Crew this October).

(Where’s your messiah now, Carlos?  Dr. Zambrano, pictured, was yanked in today’s 2nd by a lower power “ Lou Piniella)

Lest you thought the Cubs can’t be humbled (!), the Cardinals arrived this afternoon to slap Carlos Zambrano around for a post no-hitter 12-2 meltdown even the Federal Reserve wouldn’t touch.  The Cubs brought it up to a 12-6 final, but clinch day v. the Cards will have to wait for a nationally televised audience this weekend.  That, or the unstoppable Reds of September will have to kill off the Brewers for us, like today’s blowout, 11-2.