Chicago’s Michael Barrett, his head like a hole, black as your soul, he’d rather die than give you control.

Sorry about that. From the Palm Beach Sun’s Joe Capozzi :

Eleven teams are using the Coolflo Batter’s Helmet, introduced during spring training by Rawlings Sporting Goods. The company’s goal is to have all 30 teams using them by 2007.

The Marlins were among the 19 teams that rejected the futuristic lids during a trial run in March.

“I started to size the players and five of the first six said, ‘Do we need to wear these?’ ” said John Silverman, the Marlins’ equipment manager. “I said, ‘No.’ They said they were comfortable with what we have. They like to be old school.”

Third baseman Miguel Cabrera first wore the helmets ” the first new design since 1983 ” when they were introduced at the All-Star Game last July.

“It’s a different look,” outfielder Chris Aguila said. “Maybe it was a little bit lighter, but I like the old ones.”

Cubs catcher Michael Barrett was skeptical of the Coolflo lids, which have 15 vents.

“A lot of times, it doesn’t feel like there’s a helmet there because it feels like my hair is sticking out through those big holes,” he said.

Barrett found out those holes are more than just for ventilation. “It’s supposed to be more shock resistant,” he said. “If the ball hits you in the head, it’s supposed to glide off a little bit easier.”

“I got hit last year and it’s no fun,” Barrett said. “If it’s better when it comes to getting hit in the head, then I’ll take their word for it. I don’t know how true it is and hopefully I won’t find out any time soon.”