Boston starter / message board lurker Curt Schilling, as interviewed by Game Daily’s Scott Jones about the former’s EverQuest addiction. (link taken from Baseball Think Factory)

Don’t bother looking for Schilling online. The pitcher prefers to keep his gaming persona anonymous. “Doing what I do, there™s not a lot of alone time,” he says. “EQ allows me to be in a social setting, and be totally anonymous. I know people who play who are famous, and they play to not be famous. And I know people who aren™t famous who play to be famous.”

Trust us; anyone would be surprised to see what Schilling’s character looks like. We can™t give away the details, but rest assured, he doesn™t play a female. In fact, Schilling said he never considered playing as a female character. “Never,” he says. “The Lord made me the way he made me, and I™m OK with that.”