(he’s like a chameleon. Though his skin usually stays the same color)

‘Curtis’ or ‘Graduation’?  Writing for ESPN.com, Tigers CF Curtis Granderson compares the Fiddy/Kanye battle to “a heavyweight fight” (look out, David Browne!), while reminding us that some of his teammates still managed to find the charms of either M.C. somewhat elusive.

Even with all the hype among the two albums coming out, Kenny Chesney’s album also came out on Tuesday and was expected to beat both 50 and Kanye in opening day sales. Zach Miner and Tim Byrdak weren’t sure if they were going to pick up the Chesney album because they weren’t sure if he had switched back from his island sound to what they both liked.

Even though we had a day-night doubleheader on Tuesday, the time between games went by fast with some time spent debating which of the three albums will be the best. My pick is the Kanye West album, partly because I’m from Chicago as is he, and I also like his style and sound a lot. So if anyone has picked up any or all three albums, a review or comment about them all would be interesting.