Chicago Cubs' Carlos Zambrano (38) points to the fans as actor ...

[At issue, John Cusack’s openly “bi” lifestyle “ seen (up top) at today’s game, and below, at a South Side “pride” parade]

In one of the ballsier moves of an already impressive public career, John Cusack appeared today at Wrigley, no doubt to get in front of the open challenge to his Chicago citizenship and his childhood memories not squaring with anyone’s spelling dictionary. Cusack is taking heat for what the conservative East Coast Media Biased NY POST sees as a phony Chicago sports fandom and what the more fair-minded, less New York centric, of Kaanchan, India, feels is simply “typos.” The CSTB Cubs desk has no problem with Cusack, loves his movies, and only wishes to capitalize on some cheap traffic concerning his name and sports at the moment (that is, until Paul Sorvino gets to play Lou Piniella for ESPN). But Cusack’s I love the Sox and Cubs Equally stance is the real question. Equally? Come on, really???? I can accept most alternative lifestyles, but a “bi” Chicago baseball lifestyle … even the Mayor and Obama put baseball ahead of votes in Chicago. Rob W, your thoughts?

Oh, and the Cubs wrapped up the Reds 3-2 at Wrigley, with Cusack in attendance, on home runs from De Rosa and Carlos Zambrano.