Aside from the intensely weird experience of actually liking Rick Reilly for about 20 seconds (ie. when he was bashing Brit Hume), I didn’t have much reaction to Tiger Woods’ extremely stiff, awkward-as-fuck public appearance earlier today other than wishing he could’ve kept such apologies between himself and his family.  I’d prefer my early AM TV/radio time be devoted to discussions of Rod Barajas’ job prospects.

That said, the TV pundits were out in full force immediately following Woods’ mea culpa, and a pair of them, Fox’s Stephen A. Smith and “Entertainment Tonight”‘s Kevin Frazier, find themselves under heavy fire from Sports On My Mind’s D.K. Wilson, calling the former “you reprehensible coon”.

Stephen A. ”- Lawn jockeying for your plantation owners. How about this: you failed to mention that Woods™ anger towards the press had to do with being angry with the press following his children and wife. And ESPN put your dumb ass on television to show America why they got rid of your lawn jockey ass. And you acted perfectly in accordance with the script they had planned for you¦ And you didn™t even need to read¦ you remembered your role like a pro.

Kevin Frazier: This guy from Entertainment Tonight blamed Woods for the press taking pictures of his children at daycare. He said if Woods had œtaken care of business and talked earlier the press would never have sunk to following his wife and children around to get pictures of them. When asked if this disgusting behavior would end, Frazier said, œI think so. Just today it was reported that eight photographers and television crews are outside of his children™s daycare center now.

It is incredible that these people in the media never, ever take blame for their actions. But then again, they are responsible for urging viewers and listeners to believe in the mythical characters they create and ascribe some sort of personal meaning to those people to the point where fans hang on the every word of an athlete, actor, or musician or musical entertainer.