Karim Garcia and Shane Spencer each agree — when you’ve got to go, you’ve got to go.

The Boston Globe’s Gordon Edes reports the Red Sox have petitioned the Players Union to move the start time of their annual Patriots Day game to 10:00 AM. Which is good news for Rosie Ruiz, who should now have plenty of time to catch the entire game before winning the Boston Marathon.

The Seattle Post-Intelligencer’s John Hickey passes along the helpful news that Barry Zito “really loves Seattle,” but making sure to add “the odds remain fairly long against him choosing Seattle because Boras’ clients almost always grab the cash. Even if the Mariners are willing to break the budget, it’s not clear if they can match the money of the Rangers, the close-to-home impact of the Giants, or the star power of the Mets.” So in other words, the Mariners are his 4th choice at best, but if that’s all John wrote, there’d be way too much blank space on the page.

Reliever Mike Gonzalez — supposedly a super hot commodity as recent as well, a week ago, remains a member of the Pittsburgh Pirates, despite offers from New York (Melkey Cabrera) and Atlanta (Adam LaRoche). Writes the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette’s Dejan Kovacevic, “An industry source close to the Pirates said that a three-team trade involving the Yankees and Braves — one that would have sent Gonzalez to New York, LaRoche to Pittsburgh and Cabrera to Atlanta — was ‘pretty much a done deal’ until last weekend. But he added, “‘I don’t know what happened from there.'” Sounds like someone needs a better industry source (or at least one capable of making something up).

The Journal News’ Peter Abraham
joins the growing chorus of persons claiming Bryant Gumbel is football’s worst play-by-play man ever, warning “the NFL Network’s production values and graphics are a step above local cable access high school games. It’s hard to believe the NFL allows this to go on. It’s probably a matter of time before MLB starts a network. Hope the NFL serves as a lesson in what not to do.” I suppose Peter doesn’t think Fran Healy deserves another opportunity to bring his wit and wisdom to a television audience?

Inquiring minds wanna know, just what did Vito say to Metsblog’s Matt Cerrone? Word up, Matt, I have it on good authority he’s not writing a book about Rocky Marciano.