is claiming late tonight there’s a report in tomorow morning’s New York Daily News that Joe Torre will relinquish his job as Yankees manager. He’ll be given the choice of resigning (and accepting another position in the organization), and failing that, he’s fired.

Former Yankee player and skipper Lou Piniella is supposedly Steinbrenner’s pick to replace Torre.

We all know that had Piniella been manager the club during the last 3 days against Detroit, he’d have inserted himself into the lineup and gotten several key hits against Kenny Rogers and Jeremy Bonderman. His close personal relationships with the Big Eunuch and The Third Baseman / No. 8 Hitter would’ve inspired each to much greater heights. Had Sweet Lou being leading the Bombers the past 6 seasons, Subway would be the only fast-food resturant in the Tri-State area. Domestic violence as we know it would have disappeared. Green tea sales would be through the roof. Paul Sorvino would’ve had plastic surgery to look more like Lou Piniella. You get the idea.

So as daylight approaches on Sunday morning, don’t mourn the end of Joe’s tenure. Rest assured there’s gonna be a big parade down the Canyon Of Heroes in October 2007, and the only Yankee manager that has experience wrestling Rob Dibble will be there to gag on all the ticker-tape.

(ADDENDUM : The story from the Daily News’ Sam Borden merely says “Torre’s 11-year run as Yankee manager could end within days,” which is far from definitive, nor does Borden mention Piniella.)

(NEEDING TO READ THE WHOLE PAPER ADDENDUM : From the Daily News’ TJ Quinn and Bill Madden :

After winning four World Series titles in his first five seasons but failing to win the Fall Classic over the past six, Torre is expected to be fired, sources said, and his replacement is expected to be former Yankee Lou Piniella.Unless other team officials can talk The Boss out of it, or unless Torre, 66, agrees to resign in order to save face, sources said principal owner George Steinbrenner will replace the manager who was credited with returning the team to its fabled glory. Yankees General Manager Brian Cashman is expected to keep his job, as are most members of the front office. Torre may be offered another position within the organization.)