From the Newark Star-Ledger’s Dave D’Alessandro…and I’m only listing 1-5, read the rest yourself.

1. Toronto, LaMarcus Aldridge, Texas : Most refined big in the field, but a deal remains very possible.

2. Chicago, Tyrus Thomas, LSU : Bulls’ chance to get bigger, tougher and upwardly mobile.

3. Charlotte, Rudy Gay (above), UConn : Perfect fit with young frontcourt; may be the best player in draft.

4. Portland, Adam Morrison, Gonzaga : No way he gets past this point. Wait ’til they find out he can’t defend.

5. Atlanta, Shelden Williams, Duke : Another year goes by without a point guard. Adds muscle, though.

With all due respect to D’Allessandro, I’m pretty sure the Blazers know about Morrison’s D. But I still suspect they’ll grab him if he’s available.

D’Alessandro has Bragnanni slipping all the way to the Rockets at no. 8, and predicts the Spartans’ Shannon Brown and ‘Nova’s Kyle Lowry will still be around when the Nets make their picks at 22 and 23.

On behalf of all white basketball players with tremendous flair and a crap work ethic, I’d like to nominate Basketbawful for sensitivity training.

In the event, however unlikely, that Phoenix sends Shawn Marion and their no. 21 pick to Seattle for Rashard Lewis, Danny Fortson and the no. 10 pick, here’s something for Suns fans to remember Shawn by :

The Morning Journal’s Bob Finnan pours cold water on the first round pretensions of Texas’ Daniel Gibson.

One NBA source said he’d be shocked if the Cavaliers took Texas point guard Daniel Gibson with th 25th pick.

”He’s not a first-rounder in anyone’s mind,”
the source said. ”There was some question whether he was going to stay in the draft. The world could be wrong and the Cavs could be right. Maybe the rest of the league is missing the boat?

”If you get a player of any ilk in this draft, you’re OK. Gibson (above) is barely 6-foot-1. That would be really out of the box.”

If Gibson was picked with the Cavaliers’ 42nd overall pick, that would make more sense.