From Kelly Richardson’s “Teen Talk” in the Contra Costa Times (link swiped from Repoz and Baseball Think Factory)

Q: I’m worried about my boyfriend. We have been going together for 11/2 years and are seniors in high school. He’s lives for baseball. He started on the varsity team as the youngest player.

Lately he is obsessed and says that “this year will decide his future.” He works out like crazy, goes to the batting cages with a special hitting coach, is on a protein diet, runs sprints at the track and talks only baseball. It’s driving me crazy. But here is the big problem: He is angry all the time and starts fights a lot, which he never used to do.

My friends think it is because he is tired all the time because he works out so hard, but I wonder if he is taking steroids. I found a syringe in his bedroom one day and when I asked him what it was he told me to stop snooping around and said he has nothing to hide.

Recently at a party a guy we both know was talking to me about his recent breakup. Chad went off. He punched the guy, kicked him and then punched the wall of the house before he left. He has never done this before.

What should I do? Am I overreacting thinking it is steroids? Do I break up with him even though we are in love? I’m so confused. — Worried

A Let’s look at the trail your BF is leaving. You found a syringe in his bedroom, which he got defensive about; he is angry all the time; he got in an impulsive fight and he is worried about his athletic performance. All roads lead to steroids and you are wise to see this as something that will cause bigger problems as time goes on.

Talk to your BF about your concerns. Get his parents, a coach or teacher, your parents or anyone with authority to join you when you talk to him so if he gets angry and uncontrollable, you are not harmed in any way.

If “Worried” is stuck for a convincing authority figure, she might want to contact the American Basketball Association’s newly appointed Advisory Commitee Chairman. He might really know how to get through to Chad.