SF/SG Casey Jacobsen was the 22nd overall pick in the 2002 draft, and after tours of duty with Phoenix, New Orleans and Memphis, he’s currently ensconced with the German League’s Brose Baskets. Recalling his days in pro hoops’ top flight, Jacobsen shares with Slam Magazine a number of tidbits about NBA icons, and sure enough, Hakim Warrick eating Starbursts for breakfast and J.R. Smith being selfish (“I’d never seen a guy so intent on shooting the ball every time it hit his hands and I’m sure I never will again”) weren’t the most eye-popping revelations.  Consider, if you will, Jacobsen’s memories of hanging with Darko Milicic (above).

It’s nearly impossible to explain the weirdness that is Darko, but he told me one time that he did not keep his money in any bank, nor did he invest in stocks or bonds. “I just keep it,” he told me and then turned away. Looking back, I should have asked a follow-up question. I don’t know if I believe him, but he was making over $6 million that season. That’s a lot of cheddar to stash underneath a mattress! On another note… that was easily the longest conversation we ever had, and that was how he preferred it.