(above far left : just another media creep who’s never swung a bat)

Following the Mets’ Memorial Day 5-3 loss to Pittsburgh, a game marked by Jacob DeGrom’s 3rd consecutive strong start and yet another display of ineffectiveness from reliever Jose Valverde, the latter was waived and hitting coach Dave Hudgens was terminated.  Given that Hudgens held his position for 4 years, it would be difficult to argue he’d not been given an opportunity to refine his tutorial chops, but he’s pissed nonetheless. Quoted by Newsday’s Marc Carig, Hudgens seems to think he’s been buried by, well, Keith Hernandez.

Did Hudgens believe he got a fair shake?

“It depends on who you’re talking about, from who,” Hudgens told Newsday Monday night in a phone interview, just a few hours after his dismissal. “From Sandy, from the front office, from the players, from Terry [Collins], from the other coaches, yeah, absolutely.”

He omitted team ownership. Hudgens and Alderson have ties dating to their time with the Athletics organization.

“The naysayers, the guys who disapprove of us, the guys who I listen to on TV all the time, those guys that know everything about the game, I’m just amazed at it,” Hudgens said. “What’s wrong with getting a good pitch to hit? Somebody, please punch a hole in that for me. I just shake my head at the old-school guys that have it all figured out. Go up there and swing the bat. Well, what do you want to swing at? It just confounds me. It’s just hilarious, really.”

“That’s one thing. I’m glad I don’t have to listen to those guys anymore.”

What could Keith Hernandez possibly know about hitting big league pitching? How dare he question Hudgens’ proven track record? Hudgens tells Carig that “every one of the players came in and gave me a hug” upon his departure, and presumably those ranks include the team captain who is on pace to hit 10 HR’s this season (or less).