Of his pipe dream of wresting control of the Washington Redskins away from Daniel Snyder, uber chef David Chang (above) gushes, ““If we could get ownership like the Green Bay Packers, think about how awesome that would be?..Dan’s young. He’ll probably own the team for the next 30 [years] at least, unless the fans do something.”  In this case, “do something” might involve overpaying Snyder to go away, as Chang explains to DC Sports Bog’s Sarah Kogod :

Chang, who grew up in the D.C. area and went to Georgetown Prep, says his recent Twitter proposal was serious, and a number of fan responses offering him contributions followed. His plan hit a bump on Tuesday morning after doing some research and learning that the fundraising site Kickstarter doesn’t allow this type of fundraising campaign.

But Chang, who is still looking for a conduit to raise the money, says it isn’t about the dollars themselves but the message those dollars would send.

“It just shows you how upset people are,” he said, of the fact that fans immediately starting pledging money. “If you live in D.C., it ruins your week. It’s all people talk about. I grew up watching Joe Gibbs, and everyone I know is just really great Redskins fans. Watching the team lately has been really tough on people, and I just think people are tired of Dan Snyder.”

In the absence of a fundraising plan to buy a team that isn’t for sale, Chang is proposing a drastic measure to demand change.

“I think now is the time to stop supporting the Redskins,” he said. “And I know that sounds like a fair-weather fan, but it’s only temporary. If we all do that, we can change the long-term picture. It’s the same in my business, that business, any business. Customers vote with their wallets.”