Though I’m sure K.C. would prefer we all bask in the glory of the Royals’ 7-2 defeat of the Astros yesterday (just their 8th road win of 2006), the club’s shameful decision to revoke the media credentials of two local sports-yak loudmouths remains the big story.

While the Royals have made a feeble attempt to establish “an official front office blog”, visitors to the MLB-hosted site aren’t falling for it.

Is anyone buying this weak attempt to justify the actions of a short-tempered coward? This blog is a terrible idea. Trying to combat the fans by posting “truths” on this blog is only going to get fans more riled up.[email protected]

I have seen far worse done by ballplayers on and off the field when it comes to civility. Give me a break. David Glass is a rich puss and a bully. Like all bullies, he runs from a REAL fight. [email protected]

This is the big leagues and big money and David Glass has been handed tough questions before in his job at Wal-Mart. He should know better. The problem is, he’s chosen to walk out on those tough questions before, such as during an interview with MSNBC. When he was asked about children in foriegn countries working in factories making products that Wal-Mart sold as Made-in-America he got up and left instead of answering the question. So what should we expect in this case?[email protected]