Earlier today, the New York Post’s Bart Hubbach called out Mets executive V.P. of lying David Howard (above, third from left) after the club reneged on an earlier pledge to lower season ticket prices.  Lower them, they have, just not nearly as much as previously touted.

After wrapping up their dismal season, the team promised ticket prices would drop by an average of 10 percent. But when season-ticket holders received their bills this week for 2010, many were incensed to discover the price cut was as little as a 1 percent.

Thomas Cooney said his seats in the Promenade Reserve Infield, which in 2009 were $4,050 for two seats, are now $3,955 for 2010 — a drop of 2 percent. “Wow, what a discount,” he grumbled.

Mets spokesman David Howard said, “It’s very consistent with what we said in the beginning. Obviously, the ‘average’ means there is some higher and some lower, but the average is 10 percent. We haven’t heard outrage about this.”

How precisely would Howard measure “outrage”?  Calls to the club last spring to address Howard’s shameful practice of peddling obstructed view seats for premium prices were either unreturned or met with smug replies along the lines of “tough fucking luck”.  If some ticket holders are seeing a reduction of only 1 or 2 percent, it would stand to reason others are seeing a pretty substantial discount in order to achieve this alleged 10% average.  Tellingly, Howard didn’t elaborate to Hubbach.  One of Faith & Fear In Flushing‘s more (ahem) outraged readers commented, “this ‘price cut’ is only the latest in an endless series of symbolic gestures by Mets ownership to the Mets fanbase”, though this aggrieved party obviously cares little for the fiscal challenges facing Howard in the months ahead.  For starters, how the fuck are they gonna get rid of these jerseys now that J.J. Putz’ winning personality isn’t around to flog ’em?