“More than teammates, Tim Tebow and Brians Dawkins were two of the spiritual leaders in Denver’s locker room,” reads an unbylined Fox Sports report this morning, with quotes culled from 9-time Pro Bowl safety Dawkins’ appearance yesterday on Jim Miller’s Sirius-XM program. With Tebow’s departure to the Meadowlands, there’s no surprise the subject of the 24 Year Old Virgin came up.

Dawkins said he will always have fond memories of Tebow and shared a story that reflects their religious bond.

“In our Bible study sessions when my neck was pretty bad and I’m hurting, he, along with our chaplain and (Broncos director of player development) Jerry Butler, laid hands and prayed on me pretty good,” Dawkins said. “They brought snot and tears to my eyes and all that type of good stuff with prayer.

“He really is a guy who walks what he says he walks.”

There’s no truth to the rumor (I hope) the New York Mets’ training staff have asked if Tebow might be available prior to the start of Jets camp.