From the Toronto Star’s Astrid Poei.

Fisher-Price, Inc. issued a worldwide recall of its ‘Laugh and Learn: Musical Learning Chair’ today after a child received a slight welt on their neck, public relations director Brenda Andolina said in a phone interview from Buffalo today.

Made for toddlers aged one to three years, the chair has an attached side table with a lamp, clock and book and is used to emulate role-play in the home. Children may become lodged between the seat back and side table features of the chair, which may lead to pressure on the neck and possible strangulation, Andolina said.

I’m having trouble finding further details, but I had no idea that Inxs and the Michael Hutchence estate were so aggressive about marketing to kids.

Fisher-Price’s new head of research and development, Irwin Mainway (shown above, introducing the since recalled ‘Johnny Space Commander Mask’), was unavailable for comment.