…start packing.



Dick Vitale’s predictable comments on “Sports Center” : “He made some mistakes, obviously, but all of us have made some mistakes in our lives. Everyone got on him about academics, but 11 of his last 18 players have graduated, 25 of the last 38. 11 of those guys went on to the NBA…they left early, (Huggins) gets penalized for that. The bottom line is, his goodness, his heart, wanting to give people a second chance and an opportunity, came back to haunt him because a lot of those kids who got into trouble off the court, that really was his downfall in the eyes of the President. She came there with a negative perception of Bob Huggins when she arrived on that campus.”

What exactly does a member of the coaching fraternity need to do to justify termination in Vitale’s eyes? Other than lose a lot of games?