The Millen Man March, Pt. II?

Numerous Lions forumite Honolulublue has officially announced an “Walk-Out” as a means of protest of the Detroit Lions December 24, 2006 football game against the Chicago Bears. This protest is in direct response to the refusal of Team Owner and Chairman William Clay Ford to fire President and CEO Matt Millen. The Detroit Lions under President and CEO Matt Millen have failed to live up to the standards of a professional football team and have the worst record of any team in the National Football League since his hire on January 9, 2001.

As a means of protest, Honolulublue is asking fans to walk out or no show the December 24, 2006 Detroit Lions’ home game. Walking out serves the following purposes :

Send the message that enough is enough and that change at the top is needed. President and CEO Matt Millen has had six seasons to turn the team around and promised that he wanted to win and wanted to win now, he has failed to do so. Has drafted multiple busts every season since taking over as President and CEO. Has hired/fired three different coaches, and none have shown success. The Detroit Lions under President and CEO Matt Millen are 23-69 overall and are 5-41 on the road.

This protest calls for the fans of the Detroit Lions to “walk-out” of the Christmas Eve game with eight minutes remaining in the second quarter. This method of protest calls for the orderly and polite walking out of the stadium to show Team Owner and Chairman William Clay Ford their disgust with his inaction. This action is directed at the management of the team and not the players on the field which I will continue to support.

Roy Williams is already telling friends they have no idea how close the protesters came to missing the Lions score 40 points on Xmas Eve.