With a 6 game losing streak as indisputable evidence of the New York Giants’ season gone down the toilet, no less a realist than the Ravens’ Deion Sanders has declared the Blue Crew to be quitters. From the Newark Star-Ledger’s Mike Garafolo.

“I mean, the play-calling, the offense is so predictable,” he said in an interview with Sporting News radio. “Guys are getting battered every day. They’re getting fined for wearing a hat to practice, you know. It’s just horrible over there, the atmosphere. And you could feel it on the field. It translates to that. It was almost like you’re playing against a team that couldn’t wait until the season was over.”

The comments didn’t sit well with the Giants’ players, who defended themselves while questioning Sanders’ credibility.

“I’m surprised to hear that because I didn’t really see him out there that much,” wide receiver Amani Toomer said of the seven-time Pro Bowler and former CBS analyst who is now Baltimore’s nickel back. “I guess all those years of being a commentator and now he can see into the hearts of players.”

Added starting guard Jason Whittle: “He can say what he wants, but he doesn’t know what goes on here during the week. These guys here are fighting. Obviously, things aren’t going the way we want to, but I don’t think anybody’s ready for the season to be over.”

According to one player, who requested anonymity, Sanders has criticized the team to other players in the league since Sunday’s game. Sanders is clearly unimpressed with what he has seen from the Giants and believes they have quit.

“I don’t know about that,” the player said. “I can’t dispute what he says. I just know what’s going on here, what we’re trying to get done. Guys are going out working hard, trying to get things turned around. The way the game played out, it was unfortunate. But that’s not the way we see it.”

When asked if they felt anyone had given up on the season, all the Giants who were questioned pointed to the team’s playoff chances. Despite a six-game losing streak and a 5-8 record, they trail the Rams and Panthers by one game.

“We have three games left. We have a good opportunity,” Toomer said. “Who knows what happens if we win our last three? So, no. Nobody’s quitting.”