The Colorado Rockies are many things. They are, first and foremost, a baseball team in the NL West that is well-run enough that fans don’t have to rejoice at management’s inability to sign one of the least productive offensive players in baseball. But they’re also a well-compensated prayer group, which means that they’re not above adopting one of MLB’s foster kids every now and then. Last year, it was Reformed and Contrite About Something Very Vague ex-slugger Jason Giambi, who caught on with the Rox for the stretch run and unexpectedly slugged his mustache off. This year, the Rockies have set their sights somewhat lower/higher.

It’s just a non-guaranteed deal, and it hasn’t happened yet, but I think I speak for all of CSTB’s readership when I applaud the minor league deal that Colorado is reportedly weighing tendering to CSTB icon/mascot/horse-racing correspondent Paul Lo Duca on Tuesday.

I’m not unaware of how many qualifiers were in that last sentence, and of course I’m not proud of it. And even if this becomes news, it won’t really be news — the Rockies have two catchers under contract already in Chris Iannetta and Miguel Olivo, Lo Duca hasn’t played in the Bigs since 2008 (and slugged .295 that year) and his still-prospective role would either be Mike DeFelice-ian 37-year-old Minor League Tutor Emeritus or big league utility dude. But considering all the copy that Cap’n Red Ass has handed CSTB over the years, it seems almost ungrateful not to note his maybe-kind-of-possible return. Keep it locked here for the latest. Or just go to his special ladyfriend’s MySpace page, there’s probably something there. It’s crashing my browser, but not before I was able to read that her Sexy New Single is entitled “Perfect Gentleman.” Guest verse from PLD-One on that? Someone with a hardier version of Firefox will have to tell you.