(D.C., offering his paperboy some of his junk mail in lieu of an Xmas bonus)

Whilst discussing the retirement of C-Webb earlier today on ESPN 1050, Max Kellerman argued for the former Fab Five lynchpin’s inclusion in the Basketball Hall Of Fame, though dismissing Derrick Coleman as “the poor man’s Chris Webber”.

At around 12:30pm eastern, Kellerman and Brian Kenney took a call from a listener that shared the former’s low opinion of Mr. Whoop De Damn Do. Coleman, he claimed, once paid a $60 bill for pizza delivery with 6 ten dollar bills, and then attempted to tip the driver with a D.C. basketball card. “And not a rookie card, either!”

These outrageous charges were followed with a call from an alleged pal of Coleman’s who insisted the story was bogus. “I’ve been out with Derrick plenty of times, and he’s dropped thousands of dollars in a night.”

I usually forget to listen to Kellerman’s show, but if there’s even the tinniest chance of someone ringing up with a tale of Chinese food delivery to Don Nelson’s crib, I will make a greater effort to tune in.