…and it’s called Photoshop. A hearty WELL FUCKING DONE to the folks at Tauntr for their series entitled “Rob Dibble’s Summer In Motivational Posters” Of course, this is all in good fun, as there’s probably no one else nearly as broken up over the astonishingly bad news that Nationals phenom Stephen Strasburg might not throw a baseball in anger for 12-18 months.  Previously,XM Radio analyst Dibs had argued that Strasburg — rather than calling on his manager and Washington’s training staff the moment he experienced discomfort — should’ve just, y’know, stopped acting like a giant pansy. And indeed, we’ll never know for certain how well Dr. Dibble’s prognosis would’ve worked out.  Some of you gutless, enabling types probably think young Strasburg would’ve suffered irreparable damage to his throwing arm had he taken Dibble’s advice.  Others –especially those with testicles the size of the solar system — recognize the possibility, however slim, this selfish, pampered punk might’ve saved the Nats bullpen one more inning of work in an all-important late season contest.