XM/Fox’s resident deep thinker Rob Dibble (above) has found someone to take dictation. From Fox Sports.com (link courtesy Baseball Think Factory)

Derek Jeter just lost out on the internet vote to Scott Podsednik. That never should have happened. And Michael Young is more deserving than Jeter??? Don’t make me laugh.

If I were starting a team right now, the first player I’d take would be Jeter. No one is more clutch in big games than him, no other shortstop in baseball has more championships, and no other shortstop has to play in a tougher media town.

You’ll never find a better person to represent baseball than Derek Jeter. His numbers easily warrant him being in Detroit, and the fact that he had to be on the list of five players that had to beg for votes is a disgrace to the game.

Can you imagine an NBA All-Star game without Michael Jordan or Magic Johnson? Neither can I, and Jeter is the Jordan of baseball.

If you want to do that stupid internet vote, let the fans of those non-deserving players vote their player onto the team, that way, when some team doesn’t have a player, only the fans are to blame. The All-Star game is a joke, especially when the best players are not going to be there.

As of this morning, Podsednik’s White Sox had a record of 57-27 and lead their division by 10 games. The Chicago LF has 43 steals for an acknowledged small ball team. Jeter’s past accomplishments aside, the Yankees could well miss the post-season with him or without him. The same cannot be said of the Podsednik and the White Sox.

None of us have to imagine an NBA All-Star Game without Michael Jordan or Magic Johnson. One was played this past February.