(Mr. Heartbeat-Away rejecting a listener’s request for T. Valentine’s “Lucille, Are You A Lesbian?”, claiming he can’t find it in the library during a guest DJ stint at WMUC)

BoingBoing.net passed along yesterday’s silly tale of Dick Cheney commandeering an Air Force Two power supply for the purpose of recharging his Vice Presidential iPod. Such gossip did cause some to pose the question “what’s on Dick’s iPod?”, when in fact, Cheney already supplied a personal playlist to a mid-minor record label some 5 years ago, back when the only “Valerie” he was thinking of was that terrific veteran actress named Perrine.

M.O.T.O. – “I™m On Top Of The World On Top Of The World”
GG Allin & The Murder Junkies – “Legalize Murder”
N2Deep – “Back To The Hotel”
Terre Thaemlitz – “Selling”
Saccharine Trust – “We Don™t Need Freedom”
The Feederz – Teachers In Space (album)
Robbie Williams – Sing When You™re Winning (album)
Stone Temple Pilots – 4 (album)
Zagar & Evans – “Aftermath”