(some of the sickening creeps described below, shown at a Dodgers game late last season)

I’ve foolishly presumed it’s a plus for Chavez Ravine to have actual paying customers that turn up by the first pitch and manage to hang around after the 7th inning stretch, but the LA Times’ Steve Dilbeck has some strong words of advice for the Dodgers’ more rowdy rooters. To wit, “grow up”.

You know who you are. Exactly what you are continually escapes me, probably because of the constant cringing.

For some reason, these Neanderthals feel compelled to flaunt their collective low IQ.

This is how it works. The Giants come to Dodger Stadium and at repeated points in the evening the chant will echo throughout the ballpark: “Giants suck!”

Really, this is not clever. It™s not intelligent for a fourth grader. What it is, is embarrassing, though those busy with the self-demeaning miss the reality.

It doesn™t stop with the Giants. When Barry Bonds used to come to town, he drew special abuse. The Padres hear it, the Angels, the Phillies, almost any team or individual–provided he™s a star–can be showered with verbal stupidity.

It reverberates throughout the stadium, a black mark on the sports culture of Los Angeles. Really, you wonder what the rest of the country thinks. Ooooh, aren™t those L.A. fans just so mentally nimble? Regular Cameron Crazies.