Ed Wade (above) has been given his walking papers in Philly, while the ailing Mike Martz’ reign of error has come to a close in St. Louis.

Details and appropriate links to follow when the matinee of “Flightplan” lets out.

Update : As you’ve probably already figured out, the Martz story isn’t quite a firing — he’s on indefinete leave while undergoing treatment from a bacterial infection near his heart.

Wade’s termination, however, is very much 4 real, and if nothing else, is yet another enticing option for Brian Cashman to consider when and if he finally tells the Boss to go blow a goat.

The bad news is that these guys will have to get cracking on Fire Bobby Clarke.com or they’ll have nothing to do all day.

Apparently, Baltimore VP Jim Beattie was also part of Monday’s cull. Right around, Syd Thrift is trying to start a rumor that he’s really 28 but just looks like shit for his age.

Not much to say about “Flightplan” except that Peter Skarsgaard seems to do the deadpan thing in every movie he’s in.