from Rush & Molloy in today’s New York Daily News :

Michael Jackson dispatched his troops to Times Square yesterday to rail against his enemy Eminem. Among Jacko’s loyal soldiers: Geraldo Rivera.

The Fox News correspondent was ostensibly standing outside the MTV studios to report on a protest by a dozen or so people against Slim Shady, who was appearing on “TRL.”

As luck would have it, Jackson happened to call Rivera on his cell phone to say on air that the video in which Eminem portrays the Gloved One as a child molester is “demeaning and disrespectful.” What’s more, said Jackson, it was part of “a pattern of disrespect that [Eminem] has shown to our community.”

Rivera (above) told the viewers of the “fair and balanced” network, “I believe that you’re getting a raw deal, not just by Eminem, but in a lot of other aspects of life that I don’t need to mention.”